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The Rare & Beautiful

West Country Whimsy is the result of a lifetime's love and careful collection of the finest antique and vintage clothing. 

With all true vintage becoming ever harder to source, and exquisite pieces a rarity, garments sold by West Country Whimsy should be considered as investments in wearable one-off works of art.

We have combined our heritage and expertise steeped in the intricacies of garment construction with our lifelong passion for preserving the vestiges of a bygone era, the result is a thoughtful curation of the structurally unique and aesthetically exquisite.       

Timeless design

Our clients are discerning and know they are wearing something unique and timeless and of a quality that is a far cry from the throwaway fashion of today. These garments were designed to celebrate the female form in all its variations.

Which decade best enhances you? 


The Finishing touches:

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"All of the positive feedback for [supplying] this amazing 1930s wedding dress. It fit like a dream & was everything I wanted."

— A. Dupré


"Thank you very much for the beautiful dress! Also, thank you for reserving it for me!"

 — L. Muszynska

The right foundations...

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Archive Gallery

Gone but not forgotten, the below are some of our favourite garments that will continue their story with new owners.

"Nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn't buy" - Gemma Miller